All you wantto know about Amanda Fuller

Amanda Marie Fuller was born on 24 August1984; in Sacramento, California is a TV actress by profession. She became popular owing to her performance of Kristin Baxter in ABC’S series “Amanda Fuller from Last Man Standing.”She started her career in acting when she was just eight years old.

The early life of Amanda Fuller

She started her first work with the “Buffy the vampire slayer,” and in the show “Till there was you,” she played the role of Debbie a 13-year old kid. Jennifer Aniston played the adult role of the character.

Her senior career

Though Amanda has worked for some low budget movies. She is still capable of delivering high quality in her work. She worked at just eight in “Tales of the city.”Few years after that she worked for a TV film “Deadly Whispers.”Amanda is successful in making her mark by playing essential roles in horror films like Starry eyes; Red white, and Till there was you.

She has also played some essential recurring roles in shows like 8 simple rules; Scandal; she has also played the role for the title in the biopic; The Brittany Murphy story, in 2014

The personal life of Amanda Marie Fuller

Amanda at the age of 34 is still single. But she is dating her boyfriend Matthew Bryan, who is a graduate from Manhattan school of music and did his Master’s in Jazz. After the completion of his studies, he started his study on acting.

The duo is famous due to their prolific performance in the drama based movie “Fashionista” in 2016. Amanda Fuller also played a major role in the moviethatwas directed by Simon Rumley.

Amanda confirmed her love way back in April 2014 when she posted a picture with Matthew Bryan. The couple has no objection about sharing their pics on social media.