Anthony Nobles, an admirable entrepreneur

Anthony Nobles is a 51-year-old American and citizen of Huntington Beach, California, who has dedicated his life to the creation and development of medical equipment and new technologies in the field of health, which has helped thousands of people and saved lives for many others, throughout the world.
He is the creator of the HeartStich and the NobleStich, his most recent and applicable inventions in the field of cardiology, specifically in surgery. Until today he has been responsible for creating 156 medical devices and achieved 70 patents internationally. In addition, renowned and respected manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific have backed and marketed several of their devices.

Professor Nobles is also dedicated to lecturing at important universities in the world and advising and training cardiologists and students, with all the information about the usefulness and application of each of their creations. His knowledge usually makes those who know him think that he is also a doctor, but in reality, he is a biomedical engineer with a highly enterprising spirit and a brilliant mind.
The United States, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Sweden and the United Kingdom are just some of the places in the world where the ingenious devices of Mr. Nobles have contributed to different fields of medicine.
If all this was not enough, Tony noble has time to be a philanthropist. Through the Nobles Family Foundation, he has been in charge for years of providing financial assistance to disadvantaged families. In addition, and because since he was a child he had a special taste for Halloween, each year (since 18) he has been in charge of organizing a special event, which is free for all attendees and is held in the Sunset Beach Community Center. It also sponsors other types of social events such as “Buy with a policeman” that benefits children with financial problems.