Arabic R and B, ReggaeAndHip Hop

It has been noticed overtime that there is existence as well as rising of hip-hop, reggae, R and B that has heavy influenced and has affected the أغاني خليجيه (khalij songs) in some decades ago. Thebest information is that this kind of folk songs (اغانى شعبى) allow rappers to be featured most especially when it comes to this exciting and influential download songs (تحميل اغاني) which is known to be traditional song called Arab pop. For instance, a Gnawa genre that was produced by a morocco singer called Elam jay, which was known to be a contemporary version and was combined together with great R and B and named it Gnawitone Style. Also, another mode of this particular Gwana was strategically developed by a man called Darga, which he played in Morocco. It has been noticed that some groups of this Arabic songs (اغاني عربيه) producers in Casablanca has mixed Gnaw together with Reggae.

Most political artists that specialized in singing reggae started becoming more famous and popular through gaining many grounds in the whole Palestine region in 2011. Among these artists was TootArd who came from Haifa. This incident occurred immediately when Arabic songs (اغاني عربيه) that were based on Arab Spring that was sung for event called Tunisia revolution, which was named Green Revolution. This songs (تحميل اغاني) was sung by some groups of the artists from Palestinian and it was championed by the YouTube. Among these artists is a great man called Mahmoud Jrere that was from the city called DAM. This man was a notable folk songs (اغانى شعبى) singer, and ShadiaMonsor who was a rapper that is recognized to be the Hip Hop Arabic first lady singer being artist that hailed from Palestinian-British. This great woman has center her music majorly on situation like Palestine cause and made her to be relevant and significant.