Bella Golden a model of size G

This story is about a very lucky girl who after suffering the so criticized school bullying of schoolmates, who attributed to their size and height constantly mocked to the point that they managed to significantly reduce their self-esteem and self-confidence,

Bella Golden was born in England specifically in the city of Wolverhampton on September 11, 1990, from an early age lived in Worcestershire in the town of Kidderminster, studied in the halls of the renowned National Theater for young people in the United Kingdom, with only 15 years, their desire to be a participant in the world of modeling were truncated by their slenderness and voluptuousness, because they did not correspond to the standardized type of stylized and very thin model.

Destiny had prepared a great surprise after working for Disney parks, it was her moment of glory to be hired to be a plus-size model, and so without thinking too much Bella Golden was launched to success and what at one time represented A setback happened to make your business card, its large size.

Through the social network Instagram was contacted and proposed a contract to be a model of clothing of all types of renowned designer, with his ingenious ability to naturally express the clothes in his body has achieved thousands of followers through other social networks, directly supports the way they appreciate their physical attitude today’s girls, encourages them to feel confident with themselves and how wonderful to look splendid despite being a plus size girl.

While it is true that health is related to the ideal weight, it is also true that healthy is reflected in your body, and not always being extremely thin is good and much less healthy, so it is the defender of women in all its expressions bodily, even more so if they are of a large size like her.

Today Bella Golden works for two international modeling agencies.