Bitcoin mixer- do you need it? Lets’ know

Bitcoin is still a new currency for some people. Many of them are afraid to invest in crypto currency. However, it is okay to use bitcoin. The money system is new and digital, but within few years investors have understood its importance in the society. Similar to paper currency, chances of mishaps are with bitcoin is also there. Hence, using a bitcoin mixer one can manage their transactions without being noticed. Bitcoin is the future currency, and thus one must know about coin mixing services.

So, the people who have made their mind to use this service must know about the amount it charges. The charges vary from the mixer to mixer, but the good one charge something around 4-6%. The service provider deducts the fee from the transactions made by the customer before dispatching bitcoin. Considering the safety of your money, this deduction is not more. Some find this fee very unpleasant, but in front of the benefits it offers, they are not taking lump sum money from the users.

Some use bitmixer to convert black money into white. Tax saving and money laundering are mostly done by the people with these services, but we are not promoting bitmixer for this purpose. The mixer is a reliable source to protect the virtual currency. Till now, we told that it protects your money, but the question is how someone else can see your transaction. The block chains keep record of the amount of money send or receive to a person using this currency. It is possible because the user has a bitcoin address and through this, anyone can see the coins stored in the account of a user.

So, anyone who prefers to hide their funds must look for the bitmixer. And the users must not forget to check the validity and security of the funds offered by the bitcoin mixing service providers.