Christmas Socks funny pranks

People are highly active on the online platforms like Facebook, YouTube and lots more. They post their creativity on these platforms to share with the world and avail the appreciation with their efforts. Advancing technology has made the world smaller day by day and it helps them to share their day to say funny videos or pictures on such platforms. Christmas Eve is approaching nearby and people have engaged them in the processes to make the festival more happening and fun loving. It’s a long weekend and people are engaged in holiday pranks to make the best videos for uploading on youtube

Similar activities are infamous these days as the Wengie pranks as funny videos. She uploads funny videos of pranks and hacks to assist the people with respect to what they really want. In the current version of the video, she has presented with the theme of funny prank videos. There are in total 10 pranks and they all are worth to give a real try. With such pranks, you can make the best thing this Christmas. As per Wengie videos, her 9th prank is just the roller coaster prank. Here all you need is a pair of socks, iPhone box, frying pan and a wrapping paper.
Collect all these items and assemble in the following way. Take the iPhone box and place the pair of socks in it. Now take the frying pan and put the iPhone box in the pan. Just wrap the whole item with an alluring and beautiful gift wrapping paper and confuse your friend with this present. He/ she will assume the present with the shape of the frying pan and the time they will open it, a big surprise for them with the iPhone box. Now, here is the prank moment when they open the iPhone box there ware Christmas Socks for them.