ContiMusic, the royalty free music for your creative projects

We all consume a large amount of audiovisual material, movies, videos, television, video games, etc. daily. And in all of them, there is an element that is fundamental to leave a mark on the audience; music, when this type of work is done, whether to advertise a brand, a company, or products and services, copyright is a delicate point to take into account in the creative process.
To avoid any kind of problems related to that aspect, there are companies like ContiMusic, which offer Copyright free music that can be used freely in a commercial or personal way.

To enjoy its services you must access its website and obtain a membership that you only have to pay once a year and that has a cost of $ 49. This subscription will allow you to access a large free music library of rights, always updated and without download limits, the best royalty free music in the market.
All in all, in ContiMusic they perfectly understand the value of an exclusive musical brand and for that reason, they offer a service of personalized professional musical compositions, adapted to their creative project and their preferences of genre and style.
Additionally, you can enjoy a copyright free music for videos, through which the ContiMusic team is responsible for everything concerning the editing of their audiovisual material and leave it optimal to be shared on any web platform or network Social.
With your subscription, you will automatically obtain a commercial license that will give you the right to use the chosen music as part of any production, as well as transmit it in any media such as television programs, videos on websites, podcasts, movies and more. In addition, you will not have to pay additional fees for the use of the music material and you may continue to use it even if you cancel your membership.