Dating and technology shook hands by the means of dating apps

Dating this is a most beautiful word that has been derived in the recent days by love and people falling in love, couples dating are mostly strangers and most of the couples are hooked up through the means of social networks and some social network profiles seems to be fake profiles and are really a head ache for people who get attached to the fake profile holder. There are many issues that aroused as the social media match and dating stared and thus that’s when technology had to play a vital role and it did play.

Vital role of technology in dating:
Technology ten through the means of dating websites gave a new route for people to go ahead and get hooked up or find their dream date or a chat partner over the internet without any issues. Then as technology took the next step ahead in bringing smart phones people started requesting mobile sites and the dating website developers developed the mobile sites but they did have a down fall as the websites were not as user friendly.
Dating apps blossomed in the tree of mobile technology:
Soon the developers found the way and developed the mobile dating apps that were user friendly time saving and one the go access and other features as well and the online dating with the means of dating application started to grow enormously from the launch of the first dating application in the year 2012 named Tinder. These types of applications were location based and made communication easier with people in the local area to chat meeting and even to get romantically involved.
Following that dating application many new dating applications came into the market and many dating websites also had their own mobile applications as well introduced. Some popularly known mobile dating applications are Tinder, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Tastebuds,, Lovooand Bumble. Thus the tree of mobile technology was filled with dating apps.
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