Dean Graziosi the multi faced entrepreneur

The name Dean Graziosi is quite a popular one in many fields including Literary, real estate and Motivational lecturer. Now the name has begun to get popular in the education sector as well with the course designed and developed by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. The course is designed and developed with an ultimate agenda to enable self learning. The course could act as a life changer for many individual out in the world.

The real estate king had a troubled childhood with his parents getting divorce when he was just three years old. To know more about the celebrity you are just a click away


The successful entrepreneur has many achievements under his name. After spending many years in the real estate field the motivational speaker decided to formulate a course in real estate education, which he eventually did under the name of Think a Little Different. This course was launched in the form of books and as well as in the form of CD’s. In a quick succession of time the book became very popular particularly among people who were keen on investing in the real estate market. And the book went on to get its place in the New York Times bestseller list.

After the commercial success of his first book he penned down his second book. Even this time it was regarding the real estate sector under the name Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies For Lifetime Wealth Today. Even this time the book had a very great reception in the real estate sector.

His net worth:

The successful entrepreneur keeps his mouth tightly closed when it comes to people questioning about his net worth. But there has been an approximate assessment of his net worth which is said to be 43 million.