People constantly wonder how the match making in Dota 2 are done randomly or based on your own stats. Well everyone at a point of the mmr carrier might have asked this question.

This job was done with over 6k mmr were over a precise interval of 8 months and two professional Dota players and many of them also utilize dota 2 booster service. Their names will be keep anonymous for privacy problems. Both of them were give two brand new steam reports to begin right from the start. Our results were shared by us using a friend who’s over in the moderator section for problems and reports in steam and he agreed with us.

Both player 1 and player 2 quit playing by the end of the 8 month time period and began playing at once, their hours given in- their amounts as well as game are just same.
The triumph speed of the game remains that way till players hit level 27 and starts off with 50% around.

Into level 27 with 2115 and 2174 mmr was gone by Both player 1and player 2 . Both of the players played in exactly the same area.
(DOTA2 MMR) When player 1was degree 36, his mmr was recorded at 3053 When player 2 was degree 36, his mmr was decided at2323
Then player 1was passing level 45 with mmr 3825 Where as player 2 was degree 45 with mmr 2784
They both quit at level 53 and their mmr(s) were as follows:
*Player 1- 5248
*Player 2- 3097
O my god that has been somewhat surprising but trust me, to us it was not at all. We understood what was going on.
Both of the players were fairly identical in all the way it is possible to picture of except ONE.