How many crew members are needed to produce an independent film?

One of the biggest factors an independent filmmaker must determine is number of people that will work on his film. Generally, it is not easy to determine exactly how many people should work on a film. Crew members are very important because they tell a lot about a film production. While blockbuster movies can have thousands of crew members, limited budgets force independent filmmakers to reduce the number of crews in their films to only a few hundred or less. Take Monsters At Large for example. Monsters At Large is an upcoming family-friendly horror film produced and directed by Jason Murphy.

Jason Murphy is an independent filmmaker who has produced and directed several feature films including Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (2008) and The Unbroken (2012). In Monsters At Large, the number of crew members that took part in producing the film is around 90. The number of cast on the hand is 33. While making a film can essentially be a one-person production, the more elaborate the ideas are, the more likely a filmmaker will need a large crew to accomplish the vision. In cases where a filmmaker has a limited budget, the director may be responsible for editing the film.

It is worth mentioning that every movie is different. For example, if a filmmaker is looking to add more visual effects to the film they are producing, the filmmaker will need several VFX artists. In addition to producing and directing Monsters At Large, Jason Murphy is also the film’s VFX supervisor. As a general rule, the number of crew in movie production will depend on the budget. The size of the crew only grows as the film’s budget grows. Another point to note is that more professionals in movie production does not equate to better storytelling. In fact, a well thought out script on a limited budget can make a better movie than a poorly thought out script with hundreds of professionals.