How to book the transaction to wholesale eliquid dealers

The world has advanced a great deal from the time in the event it came into existence. Most are taken to smoking cigarette at specific hours for the day. Smoking has become their regular habit which they unfortunately cannot leave. Here’s an approach to their smoking habits. ejuice wholesale is now made available to the customers which contains permissible amount of nicotine which the users can put into an electronic cigarette to give shape to their smoking habit.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is really a special form of fuel that’s recently introduced so that you can help the smokers give fit around their smoking habits. It’s a fuel that is used to fuel the E-cigarettes. It is a special type of nicotine solution which gives a specific flavor thereby adds to your smoking experience. The number of nicotine comes in various amounts in bottles, that is made available because of its customers.

Wholesale e juice market

E juice is now made available worldwide to the customers who can buy it online or can even get them organized from their specific outlets. You must have a minimum order level of $150 and you must wait for a maximum of 10 days for that products ordered online to get delivered. Wholesale e-liquid comes in different bottle sizes, nicotine strengths and flavors with an added flavor boost.

The options Available

The bottle sizes available are of 15 ml and 30 ml. It has a wide range of flavors, including apple candy, apple pie, berrybacco, banana, blackberry, butterscotch etc… You get the option of selecting the regular flavor or even the one with boosted flavor content. The nicotine levels vary from a minimum of 1.5 mg with a maximum of about 22 mg.

So, go to your nearest wholesale e juice dealer, and obtain the flavor of your liking.