How to choose the right paper for hen party drawing session

When attending a hen party life drawing, one material you should always have is a paper or sketchpad. At the minimum, the recommended size you should have is A3 or larger. It is not easy to draw on small pages and even experienced artists find it difficult. For a fast charcoal drawing, loose sheet of a sugar paper is recommended. This is because the paper is cheap, has a good white color and its general quality is sufficient for any type of drawing. One thing to understand is that making a drawing on a purely white piece of paper look great is difficult even for the experienced artists.
For artists that want to ensure higher quality, they should consider a 90 to 120 Gms piece of paper and this can be used by both the pencil and charcoal. It is also practical to use loose sheets. This is because loose sheets can easily be folded to required sizes. Moreover, an artist does not have to worry about their sheets tearing apart. However, not all local art shops have loose sheets for sale meaning that sketchpads are a fine choice and convenient to get and use. There are so many hen do ideas one can come up with regarding what type of paper or sketchpad to use.
It is important to understand that the choice of paper a person can use to draw in a hen party is very personal. The best way out is for one to try out various textures. Another point to note is that even though choosing a paper is important, life drawing hen parties are held for people to have fun and this is where one can find hen do games. Regardless of the choice of paper, one should attend these events to have fun. The only exception is where the hen party has a theme or requires every artist to be serious about their drawing.