Knowing more aboutRacehorse Trainer Nicky Henderson

Who’s Racehorse Trainer Nicky Henderson? Wiki: new wife, net worth, marriage & wedding? Nicholas John Henderson is a racehorse trainer and a British. He is known to be one of the most famous and unbeatable racehorse trainers in the world today. There are countless successes that he can boast of over the course of his career. Some of them, which include the jump racing, champion trainer for 4 consecutive times. Nicky Henderson as he is popularly known is the most thriving Cheltenham trainer. He has more than 60 wins linked or attached to his name.

The net worth of Nicky Henderson
How much wealth does he have? Sources have accumulated that as at the early months of 2018, he has a net worth of $10 million and over. This he has gained through is achievements in racing and training horses. He has won countless championships that are very important from the 1980s till date. As he continues to achieve new stuff in his career path, his wealth is anticipated to become more as well.
Is Nicholas Henderson married?
Yes. Diana Henderson is the proud wife of Nicky. They have one child – a girl. His daughter shows up mostly in Cheltenham Festival including other racing shows or events. She is famous on social media. This is mainly due to the achievements of her dad. Nicky is active on Twitter with 31,000 and more followers.
Controversies surrounding Nicky Henderson
In the year 2009, Nicky had to deal with some controversies. This is because the British Horseracing Authority found him guilty for breaching some rules. Moonlit Path failed its drug test. Later, he admitted that he was at fault for 3 out of 4 charges that were labeled against him. An anti-bleeding drug was used on Moonlit Path. Even though this drug wasn’t right to be used, Nicky had a defense that he used it for the welfare of Moonlit Path and not to make her perform any better than she does. His punishment was to pay 40,000 pounds.