Learn more about the essential oils brands

essential oils brands are concentrated extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves, roots or plants, all of the natural origin. These have a little essence either plant or flower, so they are called “essential oils.” These products tend to vaporize so they spread a fragrance that is soothing, providing well-being.

Many of these oils have therapeutic properties, due to the calming effect that they possess, in addition, they are quite healthy because they have different properties, such as antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

We know that there are currently several companies that have high standards and quality protocols, which is why they are best essential oil brands, 100 percent reliable and safe for people to use.

However, it is quite common not to know when an essential oil is false or when it is necessary to avoid some type of product or company. That’s why we’ll leave you some important points that you should know, as well as some essential oil companies to avoid:

1. If you are going to make purchases online, it is recommended that you place your order on the official website of the company, because in other places you can sell imitations of the products
2. You should always check the consistency of the product. Do a quick test, in which you place a drop of oil on a white sheet of the printer, if you leave a ring behind, that oil is fake
3. Although we did not want, these oils are characterized by being inevitably expensive so it is rare and suspicious if there is a variation in the price. Therefore, we recommend that you check the prices on the official website of the brand before buying at a store. You can also make a list of the prices of the same product in the different companies with a good reputation
4. Although you do not believe it, the container in which the product is located is of the utmost importance, so it must necessarily be in a glass container. If it is in a plastic container it is not an essential oil. This is because these oils are made with strong chemicals so they must specifically use blue or amber glass bottles
5. Always read the label, because these products use plants must have the USDA stamp.