Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill, the perfect solution for all dimensions

Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill is one of the emblematic companies when it comes to excellence and quality in the construction area. This company has managed to maintain a status of excellence for decades thanks to its first-class products and careful attention to customers.

In addition, MANA Barmill Hamilton strives to continue improving, constantly reinventing itself with creations of more efficient and effective products and more successful techniques for construction. Part of this is represented by the high-density reinforcement systems developed by the company.

In this particular case, construction was a mistake in terms of security and support because their beams were separated by a great distance, which subjected them to great forces. The use of composite columns was first considered to solve this problem.
However, Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill offered the ideal solution by applying a high strength reinforcement in conjunction with an optimized bar design that not only provided the necessary stability but also significantly reduced the time of completion that was stipulated for the project.

It should be noted that, although high-density reinforcement systems are popularly used in large infrastructures, they work perfectly in the case of small buildings, as could be seen in the case previously discussed.

Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill has become a synonym for excellence that has been able to win a significant number of clients who have worked with them for years and continue to demonstrate their loyalty by choosing their materials and advice over and over again with the passing of the years knowing that they are making an intelligent and safe investment