Norbert Wiemann Geres project of wind farm

The project of Norbert Wiemann Geres of the wind farm was a greater concept for supplying the electricity. But the opposition of the people has led him to face lost of hurdles. This was the thing that has not let him to successfully complete the project. He tried a lot to convenience the people the people was not convinced, and he stopped the project. Due to the harmful effect on the surroundings, the project was not able to get completed.
Geres was one of the most popular and well-developed organizations in the world. The Geres mission is to preserve the beautiful environment. They are also focused toward reducing fuel poverty and improving the living conditions. It also deploys the engineering development and the specific technical expertise. It also offers the advice on the energy themes, efficiency, management, cleans renewable energy, especially in waste management. They are working independently for about 40 years for improving the community living conditions and also to preserve the resources. In its team, there were about 200 professional workers. Norbert Wiemann Geres have developed the services and the technologies to build the sustainable economic chain values.
To fulfill their mission it has permanent representatives in their company in South region and France. This company is made up of the volunteers and the salaried team. The company draws full attention with those whose concern is towards the renewable sources of energy, management. But when they were developing the GERES-Gruppe, the people especially the farms was not agreed. They do not want to give their productive field land for the project. This has made them skip off from continuing project. They were specialized in developing such projects. They used to establish such projects at different parts of the country. They are more focused on developing the area.