Permanently erase files- reason to do so

The deleted file does not get forever erased; it still exists on your hard drive even after removing the file from recycle bin. Any person can still recover the file, so be careful as your confidential files can be recovered. Why is it so important to permanently erase files? It depends on the content of the file. We will discuss the reasons later. First, the users must know what happens when we delete or erase a file from our desktop.

Windows keep or maintain track of the location of files on the hard drive with the help of pointers. Every file that we create has a pointer that informs the windows about its place and where the data of file begin and ends. Windows erase the pointer and make a free space available for new file on erasing any file. The new data is written over the sectors containing file content. Recovery software can restore the deleted file by scanning the hard drive. If only half part of the record is overwritten, then the erases file only that part of the erased file can be recovered which is not overwritten.
Now, you know what happens on removing a file. Let us see the reason to permanently erase files.
• Any file that contains virus must be removed permanently to save your computer from any havoc.

• Few people permanently delete files to secure their financial information contained by a file.
• To remove fixed corrupted registry files
• To secure the mails out of the reach of the unknown person
• To ensure the safety of the browsing history
• Permanently remove trackers, P2P sharing files, etc.
So, you must be thinking how to permanently delete files ? The best solution is to use the software. The software must be simple to use and must have the simple interface to select the file and permanently erase files quickly without leaving any trace.