Pranks you can try on your sister to annoy her

A family without brother and sister is incomplete, but when you enter the home of the family who has sisters and brothers, you can notice a mini war field inside the home where each one will be playing prank over other. There are many elder sisters who play pranks on their younger ones. These wengie mischievous are funny and last as a memorable experience in everyone’s life. Basically, these pranks are mostly played in the childhood days. Few of the diy mischief that you can try on your sister include

Oily hair: Every girl likes to apply oil to the hair to maintain luscious locks. If you want to play pranks with hair, it would definitely be a big hit and generate a lot of fun. You need to pick the shampoo bottle and add a little baby oil into the shampoo bottle and shake them well to get both shampoo and oil blend properly. When your sister shampoos the hair, then the oil the hair remains the same throughout the day. You need to play this prank in the shampoo bottle that is almost getting over to avoid your prank from going overboard.

Wake up your sister: If your sister sleeps late night after completing the office work or college tasks, prior to going to the bed, you need to collect the clocks. You need to set alarm in every clock where each alarm with buzz after every 5 minutes. You need to keep all these clocks around your sister’s bed. You need to pretend as if you are sleep to let your sister wake up and put off the alarm.

Keeps the nail polish long lasting: Girls like to paint their nails every day night to ensure that the color of nails match with the next day apparel. You need to add food color in the nail polish bottle of your sister. No matter which every color your sister applies, it turns into the food color. Though, she uses nail polish removed to remove the color, but still the color lasts for a couple of days. She will never know what was mixed in the nail polish and would avoid polishing the nails for a few weeks with this strong jerk.