The joy of sharing erotic stories through the Internet

Behind a large pseudonym, there is a writer who prefers anonymity, especially if it is about stories of the erotic genre. Although in the twenty-first century people have been rid of certain stigmas and taboos that a hundred years ago would have scandalized an entire society, there are talents who prefer not to expose their identity when publishing erotic stories.

Contrary to what many would come to deduce, maintaining anonymity when you are an erotic writer is not influenced by the need to stay safe from criticism, which in the end, every writer faces. Something, in particular, happens with this genre, and that is that intrigue fuels interest.

It is for this reason, that in Erotic Stories Rock, a page dedicated completely to erotic stories and erotic short stories, users who write and read, have the power to maintain their anonymity. It is not a requirement nor is a rule of the page simply a subtle flirtation between the sender and receiver whose message has all the burden and intention that they seek to transmit and receive.

The website of these stories, in addition to showing the stories themselves, is also dedicated to enumerating the best and most transcendental stories that have been published, in addition to publishing sensual advice for the most inhibited. All within a dynamic, elegant interface and with the eroticism present everywhere.

With some stories more risqué than others, the authenticity of each one is what manages to catch the users of this website, provoking them to read one story after another. Among its options, the shipping section is added, for those writers who wish to share their erotic stories with the public that extends there more and more.

The variety, finally, is not a problem with this site either, because although it handles the erotic genre as the sole axis of publication, the stories are presented in infinities of situations and scenarios that awaken the emotions of any person, regardless of age, inclination sexual or inhibitions.