The race of the century with Orlin Aleksiev in the Dakar Rally

It is the moment of truth, there are many fans who love the Dakar Rally because of the extreme and interesting that it can turn out to be, and it is no wonder if it is considered one of the heaviest all-terrain races today.

An interesting thing is that although the race is mostly located in Latin America, you can always see a wide variety of participants from different countries in the world. Among them, you can see Bulgaria, who has been in the game for 4 consecutive years.
Orlin Aleksiev and Plamen Nikolov are the ones who will lead the team that will be in the Dakar Rally this year, which is incredible; both are part of a team they have called Off-road, which has its origins in Bulgaria itself, respectively. The leader, far from being a simple person, is none other than the former player Todor Hristov of ATV.

The participation of them in this 2019 will be comorbid, after all, it has already been confirmed that the vehicle that Orlin Aleksiev and Plamen Nikolov will ride is a BMW X1 that has the T1 class; which is fantastic because it is completely renovated. What allows it to have an engine that has the strength of more than 350 horses.
The effort in this race by Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) and Plamen Nikolov is quite impressive, although it is not surprising when considering this as one of the most important. You only have to appreciate the 2014 Dakar Rally, which lasted approximately 15 days, in which you went through Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

It is a great feat to just participate, so nobody should miss the opportunity to see them! Much less when the love for the extreme is present. It can be a complicated race, after all, it is a heavy terrain, but people are confident that Orlin Aleksiev and Plamen Nikolov will reach the top of the victory. They are 4 years already elapsed, and they are expected to be much more.