The Shredquarters – Personal training reading specialists, certified physical trainers.

The Shredquarters, where anyone can venture into the world of fitness, a space designed especially for personal training, where each member will have exclusive treatment and the results are guaranteed otherwise we will return your money, our most loyal members support our work in testimonials. The common gyms would be a waste of time but Shredquarters makes sure that each minute invested gives our members advances in their physical state.

Our gym in tilehurst was created to accommodate 400 members, an exclusive space with the latest technology in training instruments; our personalized training offers real solutions. We have physical trainers experts in the area of fitness, personal trainers analyze the physical condition of each individual and are responsible for adapting routines and nutrition regimes to the needs of each individual.

In this reading gym are no limits, not only we ensure the physical well-being of our members, but also if we want to prepare them for any physical activity that you want to perform, whether it is sporting events or high-performance sports, our personal trainers handle a wide range of range of knowledge

The motivation of our members is important, that’s why our gym in reading guarantees that your time and money will be well spent, your worries and doubts will disappear after living this experience, training in our gym is not just “looking good”, the essentials is that our members feel good about their bodies and that the training provided will help them to continue training throughout their lives. Being in shape will no longer be a necessity but a way of life.