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The player is that they want to have a personalized experience, in addition to having a fun time and giving way to all their imagination, they can review what episode free passes consists of. This game adapts to the creativity of each participant, allowing each one to make their own characters and develop their story in their own way.
The whole game can be done if you have a device that works with iOS or Android and is connected to the web. Here you can make your own adventure with unique characters and personalized events. If you want to be the star of the game, you can do it.

With episode cheats, you can make the scenario you want and develop the action that you like the most. When you start you will not be able to stop and you will spend all the gems and free passes that the game offers, but you have the possibility of getting more by spending a little more money.
To get episode free gems you must follow some tricks shown here. When you create the story and the characters, the coins will be consumed, so to get more gems you have to enter the forum on the page and request codes belonging to the other players.
This process is quite fast and effective, but there is another way to get them waiting for the system to fill in the gems. Usually, it is done daily and these options are the safest and simplest.
Another, more reliable way to do this process is by using the generator that the page offers. Besides being more secure is not complicated, it only requires the mail and the user. Therefore, it is not recommended to download files that are on the web and that are shaded, they can infect the devices with viruses.
All these ways of obtaining additional coins are free and help you maximize the action of the game, giving you more options to develop the game, according to what you prefer.
Passes are not easily obtained and when they are exhausted, you have to buy them to continue. The advantage is that they are achieved in less time.
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