Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes, from their years of study at school to life together

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Such is the case of the actress Samantha Lewes, who was best known in history as the first wife of the famous actor, winner of the Academy Award Tom Hanks, with whom he happily had a son and a daughter and who unfortunately died in the year 2002 of cancer. It is said that they met during their years of study in the baccalaureate and that they were even together in the same university where they began to attend in a sentimental way. You may find that Samantha Lewes’ career on the screen was not as renowned and famous since she was more devoted to her family life and other personal matters. However, he had notable performances in television series.
Experts and fans in the investigation of the lives of celebrities offer through this portal the most minute details of the life of each of the stars of your choice, as you can be sure, you did not know that Samantha Lewes, married Tom Hanks then years after having her two children, the first to be born in 1977, the girl in 1982 and they married in 1987. After her divorce, she stayed away from the public eye until she was diagnosed with a terrible bone cancer which was his victim until his death in March 2002.