Warby Parker Insurance: is it enough to make you buy glasses online?

Buying glasses online have both itspros and cons. Buy has the new features and options of buying glasses online haverevolutionized the whole experience of buying glasses online. Big brands like Warby Parker have come up with lots of features, and easy options that help and make the buying glasses online experience very smooth. One of the most premium features of Warby Parker is the warby parker insurance.

Pros and cons of buying glasses from Warby Parker
There are features like Warby Parker insurancethat help you buy glasses and clam your insurance, but there is more when you buy glasses. Your glasses should be well fitted as well which is not all guarantee when virtually trying out glasses and buying them. More to that Warby Parker glasses comes in a single size.As we all know a similar size might not fit everyone perfectly which is again a great concern while buying glasses from Warby Parker.

Warby Parker, on the other hand, has a huge collection go glasses that are of premium quality, and it has the experience of more than 18 years of delivering quality eye wears. They also have features like free delivery and free return. And also not to mention the Warby Parker Insurance feature as well.
Warby Parker insurance-is it enough to buy glasses online?
Whereas Warby Parker insurance is a great feature and gives it a cutting edge over the others. But there are other important factors as well that you need to consider while buying glasses specially the fit of the glasses according to your face. Hence it is totally up to your requirement and chooses and comfort that you need to consider before deciding to buy glasses for a particular store.