What are Political Cartoons and uses of it?

A cartoon which is made by some people about politics is called political cartoons , and it tends to point out sensible political issues. It may be in video form or still cartoon. You can get that at any newspaper. But you will not find them at comics section. In the editorial columns, you can find this after the opinion essays..

History of political cartoons
The precursor of these political cartoons is William Hogarth. In his pictures, you can find social criticism and the mixture of the thesequential artistic scene. He mainly criticizes British politics in his pictures. Lots of English citizens lost a huge amount of money for his pictures. You can see a powerful moralistic thing in his cartoons. In 1719 he became a masterpiece to doing it. He presented so many bad political issues in front of the youth society. He created ‘Rake’s Progress’ in which you can be able to know how a member of a rich merchant family namely Tom Rakewell had spent his entire money on account of maintaining his luxurious as well as irresponsible life style. This series of cartoons consists of eight pictures.
About modern cartoons which criticize politics
Usually, you can find political-cartoons on the editorial pages of any newspaper. But some cartoons are placed on normal comic episodes. Now visual metaphors are used by so many cartoonists. They sometimes pick up some emotional matter instead of political matters. Most political-cartoons are drawn on two unrelated matters but tried to be combined them with asense of humor.
You can find so many similarities with your real life. It really reflects the recent political situation of any country. If you don’t know about the the political situation so many but want to know more then, you should be suggested to watch political cartoons because it is full of fun and also asense of humor.